The Donations

“We do not live to eat and make money. We eat and make money to be able to enjoy life. That is what life means and what life is for.”

Throughout the years various blog followers have convinced me to add this button because, in their minds, reading my articles is like reading a magazine which they would usually pay for anyways and this enables them to help me keep these stories coming.

Donate Here!

I am a budget traveler (the less you spend, the more you travel, the happier you are), but of course, like everyone, I still do need food, shampoo, and the occasional glass of hot chai. I am on a mission to cycle the world for five dollars a day (not including flights and visas), in part because that’s all my meager earnings will allow, but also, because I enjoy the simplistic lifestyle it enforces.

The money you donate will ensure that I am able to continue writing and improving my blog as I cycle and live around the world. My mission is to show you, and anyone else who happens to stumble across my page, an in-depth look into cultures around the globe. I stay with families, learn about their traditions, and report back in order for you armchair travelers to enjoy the ride (almost) as much as I do.

If you wish to buy me days in order to support my blog here is how it works:

-5$ buys me one day
-35$ buys me a week
-70$ buys me two weeks
-150$ buys me a month

And of course, any number in between is possible as well! Any type of card should work, and you do not need a paypal account to donate.

Donate Here!

17 thoughts on “The Donations

  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I have a few ideas about spreading the word about you and I hope it will help ensure you have many, many days of safe travels ahead to look forward to! Much love from your hometown!

    Lisa, John, Preston and Pierce

  2. Hi Shirine, I found your story through Warmshowers and I am inspired your exploration, optimism, and authentic interactions with people from around the world. Your blog is cool but I’m mostly donating because it seems like a great way to pay-it-forward. Ride well and enjoy your travels!

    • Thank you so much!! I feel like the pay if forward attitude amongst cyclists is one I the most amazing things… Home stays, donations, and people who just give me a shout out is definitely what makes it all worth it.
      Thanks again, it means a lot to me!! Happy trails.

  3. Hi Shirine,

    My name is Bruce, I’m the president of International TEFL Academy .

    I had traveled for 2 years around the world in 2001-03, here’s my travel site and came back to the states and started a company to help people live abroad by teaching English. I also had rode my bike across the US from Seattle to Washington DC as a fundraiser. So you’ve impressed me by matching up my 2 favorite passions.

    I read your story and I would like to offer you a scholarship for one of our courses and help you to be able to live around the world teaching English in between your travels. We offer certification to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and provide job assistance for our graduates worldwide. We are based in Chicago and train over 2,000 new teachers a year with 4 week classes worldwide and online classes part time over 3 months.

    When you are situated in a place long enough to get trained in person or online please contact me as you are the type of ambassador I would like as one of our graduates in the world.

    Keep dreaming big and living big.


    • Hello! And thank you so much for the offer, teaching English abroad is indeed something I am interested in, and I would be honored by your scholarship. I will let you know once I’m in a place for long enough!

  4. Olá, eu sou uma brasileira que já está planejando uma viagem pela Europa de início, que será em início de 2016. Eu já pedalo onde eu moro. Gosto muito de pedalar. Mas conhecer o mundo, será uma conquista. Sei que no caminho haverá dificuldades.. Onde nem tudo é flores. Mas, acredito que nos fortalece.
    As dificuldades são ainda maiores, por sermos mulheres e sozinhas…
    Mas eu não desisto.
    Até breve.

  5. Hello: my name is Alex Retana I have been following via facebook and now on your website. I really appreciate all the information you are putting out about this type of traveling which I think every human being should experience. Thank you. I have donate it $ 25.00 to you for Christmas ( I am an atheist) but it is great to pay it forward. I look forward to reading your blog with all the pictures and adventures. I am also in the process of saving money and disconnect myself from the unnecessary material possessions which enslave us into the money mongering routine. Stay safe and happy travels.
    Alex Retana.

    • Thank you! Both for the money, and for the message. And good for you for realizing that material wealth isn’t success, it’s great to see that someone else has “seen the light” in that sense! Thanks again, and have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi.
    good luck in your travels. I have been a lot of places (military) but not like you are doing it.
    I someday want to do a trip like yours, but with a motorcycle as opposed to a bicycle.
    In my travels, there is a expression that rings true. When in trouble, just wait. Someone will come along to help.
    I hope I came along…..

    from Plymouth Massachsetts

  7. Dear Kevin and Shirine

    Your story is amazing! Thank you for completing a dream!!! I have made a donation to encourage you. Keep well and be safe! Have a Happy Holiday aboard!

    Judy Chen

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