A Photographic Journey Through the Tetons

At the end of the summer I road tripped through Yellowstone, the Tetons, and Utah with the intention of trail running, though the trip involved  a lot more snow than I had bargained for in late September and meant that I didn’t get to complete most of the runs I had anticipated nor the backpacking trip I had planned for the Tetons. That being said, after seeing the Tetons for the first time I figured out why they are so famous, and know I will find a reason to visit again, so those adventures will be saved for another trip.

These mountains speak for themselves, and while I didn’t get to complete my planned adventures through the park and I thoroughly enjoyed my sunrises and sunsets and the twenty mile run I did get to complete.


Yellowstone wasn’t my thing – it seemed like a Disney land of boardwalks and fancy hotels – though I did visit the far reaches of the park where I was able to do multiple runs no one had been on since before the snowfall where I followed deer tracks, and, unfortunately, those of a grizzly and black bear. When I got bored of yelling hey bear every thirty seconds I decided to make him rymes (such as hey bear, please don’t give me a scare, I know you are there, and though you may not care, I would rather keep all of my hair, so don’t you even dare!)


Before ending my trip I met up with two of my closest friends from high school who currently live in Utah, and we got to go camping to a nearby canyon!

I also got to enjoy the fall colors through multiple trail ones, including one to these amazing hot springs!

*This post has been preposted as we are currently cycling somewhere in Oman!

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