img_1396We are “The Wandering Nomads,” a young and energetic couple who are here to show you different cultures from around the globe, impress you with stunning mountain photography, convey to you just how wonderful humanity is through the kindness of strangers, and eventually convince you to pack up everything and become a snail like us as we cycle around the world.


Whether you are here to find some inspiration or logistical details for your own cycle tour, or whether you are ready to tag along as an armchair traveler, this page should help you find some of our best articles, and get you started on our journey!




If you are interested in learning more about where we have been, visit out favorite routes page.


Next, check out this page for more details about our favorite part of this lifestyle; homestays. Besides showing us how truly amazing our world is through the hospitality of stranger, these unique encounters have given us the chance to intimately experience different cultures and ways of life around the world.


For a glimpse through the lens (plus small stories) into some of the countries we have visited, choose your country and click on the link below.


– India
– Georgia
– USA: Pacific West Coast

To learn more about how I was able to complete my first year of cycle touring on just five dollars a day, check out these ones which show you life in the tent, what we eat, and how to stay for free (by working) along the way.

A Photographic Tour Through the Life of a Cycling Nomad
What We Eat
Hostel Hopping: How To Live For Free in Europe


For a bit more detail about what the cycling aspect of this trip looks like, here you go!

Bike Touring 101: How to Get Started
Dispelling Common Myths
It’s Not About the Bike
When Everything Goes Wrong
Surviving Winter on the Bike
All In Your Head



And last but not least, a few posts for you cycling geeks out there who are interested in our gear! Though this section is pretty slim right now, I promise to write more about the technical aspects of this journey in the future.

The Gear
Our Favorite Stick


For more information, make sure to click on the tabs at the top of the blog which will lead you to detailed sections about us, our trip, our finances, and of course, our blog! Also, feel free to find us on our facebook page or our Instagram (@awanderingphoto) in order to follow updates and a photo of the day.

45 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. What an experience, to live and dine with those who seem to be different from you, only to discover that we are all the same, and that we all long for the same thing: to live in a peaceful world and watch our children do the same!

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  2. Hi Shirine,

    I am a teacher in an international school in Seoul, South Korea. I actually work with the mother of a young lady you spent some extended time with in… India? Anyway, I have dreams of riding my bike around the world with my wife and we are beginning the process of looking at bikes, gear, etc. It would be great if you could share specifics about your set-up (and the set-up of your companion). You probably have something in a blog post somewhere…?

    Not that it matters, but I’m 50 years old, 5’10”, and 190lbs. My wife is 46 years old, 5’6″, and 130lbs. We are both in fairly good condition for biking and have completed several long distance trips, albeit short in duration (3-7 days each). We recently rode our bikes across the entire country of South Korea via the 4 Rivers Trail.

    I would be happy to make a donation via paypal for your time. Anything you guys can do would be appreciated. You probably have some good resources to share… That would be great too. Your example is an inspiration and a great motivating factor in our everyday lives… Just thought you should know. :¬)

    Thanks in advance. Safe travels.

    With Optimism,


  3. Hi there everyone, it’s my first go to see at this website, and paragraph
    is genuinely fruitful iin favor of me, keep up posting these articles.

  4. Hi , first of all Hats off to both. It was awesome to visulaise your journey, definitely worth.I envy too.How do u make your living, What motivated you guys to spend your time in travel. I am excited looking out for your reply

  5. I just started exploring your blog and I’m in love! My husband and I are roaming nomads (minus the bikes) too and love to see like minded individuals!

  6. Salut Shirine et Kevin !
    On espère que votre reprise du vélo, dans la remontée du Pérou, après la petite pause de Cusco se passe bien ! Les enfants parlent beaucoup de Shirine, après notre rencontre à Estrellita, encore merci pour le petit mot d’au-revoir, laissé dans la remorque de Titouan ! Nous l’avons bien retrouvé après notre tour de l’Ausangate. Maintenant, cap au sud, on commence le tour du lac Titicaca par les pistes du nord-est.
    Bravo pour ce superbe site et les très belles photos ! Bonne route !
    Ariane, Seb, Gaspard 11 ans, Adélie 8 ans, Titouan 4 ans

  7. Hi!!! I loved your blog, i wanted to ask you what you used for shampoo/toothpaste/pasta sauce? ps. i love pasta too! so it will be useful, im thinking about going on a backpacking trip and i love biking so maybe i’ll finally get to it!

    • We would just make our own with what ever veggies we found, for backpacking it may be a little different but on the bikes we were running into towns at least every few days. Shampoo and soap, we just carried it with us (normal stuff, nothing special).

  8. I feel like there’s so much power in your story. Starting out alone is what I plan to do as I take off from Austin Texas towards Argentina (I am ambitious). I also am riding a Surly LHT.
    Did you see penguins in Ushuaia?

    Hope all is well on the road. I feel like your adventure has inspired so many in so many ways.

  9. Fantastic! I love your blog. It is amazing how you manage to travel so long with so little finance. I am not sure that this is possible if you are staying in one place. Thank you for sharing. Best regards!

  10. Wow… thanks a lot for sharing your experiences on this blog. Your lifestyle/bike travels are very impressive and definively a positive source of inspiration for many cyclotourists.
    Keep riding!

  11. The photos are amazing, I really do need to get back on the bike and go touring again, longer time and further away.

  12. Great post, beautiful photography just wish the photos were a bit bigger.
    I have wanderlust real bad, but at the minute the only cycling I do is to work and back on my e bike :/, I need to take a trip soon, maybe not somewhere as far as this but somewhere!

  13. Hello saw a FB video that uoure in Oman, I’m a beginner and I’ve got a cycling competition at the end of the month anyway you could spare sometime and give me some tips.

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