Books and Bed: 3380km

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”


Well unfortunately my cycling had been postponed a few days because the morning I was set to leave, I came down with a fever. At first I was frustrated, I wanted to be on my bike again, camping, out of the city of Leh which is such a tourist hub. I realized though, that attempting to cycle up a pass with a pounding headache and fever is just about impossible. My health is crucial to this trip as I am relying on myself, and only myself, to get me from place to place, and with three years of open road ahead, I guess taking a few extra days off really isn’t that bad. So I decided to look on the bright side and spend a few solid days reading great books, and listening to interesting podcasts. For the first few days it was nice, like a little vacation in a vacation. I thought I would have ample time to read everyday throughout this trip, but bike touring has turned out to be a full time job (in the best way possible) so it was nice to have a few days to get some reading in. By day three though, I was sick of always being too hot or cold due to my fever, and I wanted nothing more than to get rid of my constant pounding head ache.

For someone who is almost never sick, it’s quite annoying that I have had to catch something while my time in the Indian Himalayas is dwindling. I have to just keep telling myself that for starters, I will be back someday, and also, I will be spending months in the Himalayas in Nepal. That being said, hopefully in a few more days I will be better, and on the road again!

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