A Day (or Three) At the Lake: 3540km

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”


I have just spent the last three days at a lake. Though I had only planned to spend one night, I ended up staying longer, and with no time line to follow, why not? Though it was a detour to get there, it was a beautiful ride up.


The lake was best in the morning when the mountains behind were reflected onto the water.


There was a dhaba there with a man who lived at the lake for the summer, and along with a few other tourists (hikers), we had fun eating and hanging out in his cozy stone hut.



After three days of relaxing in the sun and swimming in the freezing lake I decided it was time to leave the next morning. When I woke up though, instead of the beautiful blue sky that had greeted me every other morning, it was pouring, and the whole area was enveloped in a storm. I decided to wait it out, and spent one more day just hanging out. Finally, I pulled myself away from my camping spot and headed out on my way once again, up and over my fourth pass here in the Himalayas.



The dangers of driving during bad weather on rough roads. This car is perched on the edge, another inch and it will tumble hundreds of meters down. Unfortunately, when you look down these cliffs, there are occasionally vehicles smashed at the bottom.


Happy girl! Tent, bike, mountains… Check!



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