Peculiar But Important Items

“It’s okay pluto, I’m not a planet either.”

I was going to make a list of the gear I couldn’t live without, but the list was pretty boring and predictable… Sleeping bag, Birkenstocks, camera… You get the picture. So instead I started to pay attention to the little things I use, things you wouldn’t necessarily think of bringing, but that end up making a difference.

-Ear plugs
Between honking cars, barking dogs, and rats scurrying around in the night, traveling can be noisy business, especially when you are trying to sleep. For weeks I had many sleepless nights until a friend gave me some ear plugs, and now, I don’t see how I ever survived without them.

-Rubber Bands
At the beginning of my trip I realized I was already almost out of hairbands, until I realized that I had actually just been using them as rubber bands. They come in handy for tying up half eaten bags of food (cookies and such) and keeping smaller items in your bag together.

As silly as this one sound, after cycling all day, jumping into your sleeping bag is a sure way to ruin it from the shear amount of dirt and sweat you bring in. You don’t need some fancy real pajamas of course, my running shorts and tank top do the trick quite nicely.

-Toilet paper and wet wipes
Bathrooms here don’t come with toilet paper, not even the ones in your guest house, so it’s a good idea to always have a roll on hand. I have taken to putting a bit in every pocket on me so that no matter where I am, I’m never caught without it. Wet wipes are wonderful for an impromptu shower as well.

-A notebook and pen
It’s always nice to have a scrap of paper and pen close by as you will be surprised how many times it comes in handy. I use it to exchange emails with new friends and write to do lists, but primarily, my little notebook is used to keep track of how I spend my money.

2 thoughts on “Peculiar But Important Items

  1. I would have liked to see the other list too. What interest me is what kind of light smart (expensive) clothing to bring when you travel from +40C to -10C. Also the sleeping bag, I read about a guy who brought two bags, which sounds as an good idea.

    Among the small crazy things I needed on my last trip was a fly swapper, which was impossible to find in Sri Lanka. One smart mosquito can ruin a good nights sleep:)

    Happy traveling

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