Babysitting A Baby Monkey

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.”


I am quite use to babysitting as I have been a nanny for years. Typically though, my babysitting involves children, and not baby monkeys.





This poor little guy was found tethered to a tree by a leash that was digging into his backside and causing him lesions. A Spanish traveler eventually convinced the owner to give him the monkey so he could take better care of it. He knew full well that the poor monkey would do a lot better in the wild, so he arranged for an organization to come pick him up. Until then, someone needed to watch him, and after he curled up in my lap to sleep, I couldn’t help but take over as his monkey mama.


1 thought on “Babysitting A Baby Monkey

  1. Hope you enjoyed Christmas day lunch with my friend Tim. He has travelled from the north of Scotland to Nepal, via Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India on an Enfield bullet motorbike.
    At 68 or so he’s getting a bit old for cycling.

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