Common Misconceptions About Touring

“Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.”

“Wow, you must know everything about bikes!”
Nope, I know absolutely nothing. I changed my first (and only) flat on the road once my trip had already begun, and I still don’t know how to do anything else.

“You should start racing, I bet you could win without even trying.”
Well unless I am racing in the “five and under” category, I highly doubt it. Touring isn’t about speed, and as I slowly saunter by in my pajams waving at children and stopping for tea every half hour, I could never imagine actually trying to get somewhere quickly. Keep in mind I named my bike Mr. Turtle for a reason…

“Doesn’t your bum hurt?”
No, my hard leather seat (which non-cyclists scoff at) is in fact the best bum protection there is, and I have never to this day had a sore bum from cycling.

“Hills must be so hard!”
No, they really aren’t. They are slow, yes, but you just gear down and loose yourself in the slow steady climb. I actually quite enjoy it!

“You must get bored… At least you have time to read!”
Bored?! No way! Between cycling, eating, and sleeping, there never seems to be an extra minute to spare in a day. I love it, I love how the feeling of boredom seems so impossibly silly since it is so far from the reality.

“I could never do it.”
Yes you can! There are people of all sizes and ages touring around the world. There are retires, families with children, and couples of all ages currently cycling on every continent. The cycling lifestyle is easy as long as you take it slow. Seriously, anyone can do it.

1 thought on “Common Misconceptions About Touring

  1. Great pep talk, Shirine! I continue to read every post and send love and prayers your way. Thanks so much for opening windows to the world for me! Happy trails! Hugs!

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