Why the Blog

“But ever since he had been a child, he had wanted to know the world, and this was much more important to him than knowing god and learning about man’s sins.”

I recently had someone ask me why I blog, and after some deliberation, I came up with my top three goals for what I want to accomplish by writing about my experiences.

1) I want to show the world that there are other ways to live. That you don’t need a house, a fancy car, or the latest smartphone to be happy. I want to encourage others to choose their own path, instead of following the one they believe society has set out for them. And I want to show that living simply, with a tent to call home and the open road ahead, can be one of the most fulfilling lifestyles.

2) I want to inspire others to travel, to bike tour, and most importantly, to live the life of their dreams. This trip started because I read about other people’s journeys and was inspired. Now, it’s my turn to inspire someone else.

3) Most importantly, I want to show people who may never see these places how life is around the globe. I want to share the tragedies and hardships most of our world faces so maybe, little by little, we can make a difference. I want to share the hospitality and kindness that is found in every single country, to show that as humans, we are capable of greatness. I want to show the amazing mountains, rivers, desserts, and landscapes our beautiful planet supports. Humans are one of the most diverse species, and the only animal that has the capability to live in such extremely different geographical locations and social settings. Living amongst others like ourselves we sometimes forget how incredibly huge out world really is. I want to share my knowledge, my experiences, and the small glimpses I get into other cultures, so that you too can appreciate the world we all live in.

Writing a blog takes time. But I have found that my time is well spent as I have come to enjoy writing about my adventures more than I ever could have imagined. At night I often jot down a few notes about the day, and then when I feel motivated, I sit down to write it out. It’s a great way for me to look back at what I have been doing, like a sort of self debriefing. I now feel it’s my duty to keep this blog, to share my experiences about the countries I cycle through, and to show people who will never see these things first hand how life is like around the globe.

9 thoughts on “Why the Blog

  1. Hi Shirine, I just stumbled on your blog yesterday, i think. Just wanted to say that I think you have an enchanting way of expressing yourself and you are very inspiring. I look forward to reading more.
    Good luck.

  2. Dear Shirine,After I met you at Chandrataal (In SEPT-2013,,as a tourist,of course,we had completed our Hamta Pass Trek a day before),I was & I am inspired by you.It has (your inspiration) worked and in DEC-2013,I have completed my GOA-MUMBAI bicycle ride of about 600km in 8 days.This is the fruitfulness of your blog & you meeting me for less than 5 mins. Please keep writing the blog.Wish you Happy Cycling.

  3. Hi Shirine,
    I am also a female in my early-20s, and I have always wanted a way to travel the world that would be affordable and allow me to live closely to the people in the area I am visiting. So far I have only left the US once (to live in the rain forest in Ecuador, which was amazing), but seeing your blog has shown a great way to pursue my dream and helped give me the confidence to do it. So as far as the second item on your list, you have definitely inspired me to try bike touring. Thank you for that.
    Aside from googling, are there any particular resources you found helpful that you would recommend?

    Best of luck to you,

    • Great great great! That is exactly why I have the blog.
      Truthfully googling is the only thing I did. One of the bike blogs that answers every question you could possibly have is the traveling two.. Look them up, they are a bit the “Gods” of bike touring (as they have done long and short tours, and have a professional website).
      Best of luck, hope to see you on the road someday!

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