How The Blog Works

“Destined to be an old women with no regrets.”

I have had a few questions as to how I am able to post so often, especially since most of the time I am without internet. So, I have decided to let you in on my little secret.

Right now I am… Well who knows really, hopefully approaching the end of the road in the Makalu region in Eastern Nepal. No matter where I am, I don’t have internet, and have used a very useful little trick to post this blog in advance.

As I am traveling I write my blog entries on my iPad. Usually I will be writing one or two current ones, about where I am that day (or week), and then I will often have five or six other ones going on the side. These ones are not necessarily about what is currently happening, but rather short stories or essays that can be posted anytime about life on the road, cultural observations, or anything else I feel like writing about. These are the posts I use when I know I won’t have internet for an extend period of time, like right now.

Then, when I get internet, I often post two or three weeks worth of posts in order to tide me over until the next time I can find a connection. This means that though I am writing the posts in real time, sometimes, as my followers, you guys are actually two or three weeks behind my reality. It doesn’t matter though since you are still following me in chronological order, and you are still reading about the accounts as if they were fresh since when I wrote them they were.

Now for wifi. India and Nepal are both tourist destinations and therefor have what I call “tourist towns,” in which every cafe and guest house had wifi. When I get to towns such as these I spend a day or two putting the next few weeks entries (about the last few weeks) on my blog, preset to appear every day or two. That’s how, even though I’m in the middle of who knows where, there are still daily blog posts appearing!

3 thoughts on “How The Blog Works

  1. Aren’t you the clever duck! I kindof assumed that since the US has outsourced so many tech jobs, they had to provide internet everywhere! 🙂 hugs!

  2. Very nice. So they are scheduled and it appears you are doing posts like clockwork, but in reality you are batching them up and spreading them across time. I had wondered about that.

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