Cycling Through Solitude in the Indian Himalayas

“If you’re bored with life, if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things, then there is more to life than you have yet to realize.”


“…There is no one and nothing around, I’m alone in the middle of the Himalayas. In fact, the region is so peacefully quiet that I sometimes forget that I’m not alone in the world. It is the feeling of solitude, blissful, wonderful solitude.”

Cycling Through Solitude

This article explains the happiness and overwhelming sense of peacefulness that comes with cycling through solitude above 5,000m in the Indian Himalayas, a region I absolutely loved and think about often. After months in the overcrowded flatlands of India and Nepal, I am more than ready to retrieve that feeling of bliss once more as I head back into the region in a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Cycling Through Solitude in the Indian Himalayas

  1. Hi Shirine!

    I agree with you that if you are trekking, you should carry your own things. Please take care of your feet! You took great care of your bike as it was very important to you to get around. Now your feet are the ones carrying you. It is critical that you keep them dry, warm and protected. At least wear what the Sherpa’s are wearing. Stay safe and be smart on this leg of you adventures!
    Karen Krebs – your Warmshowers host from Long Beach, Ca

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