Living With A Family: India

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”


India was tough, very tough in parts, and by the end I can truthfully say I hated it. Now that the adrenaline of fear has ebbed away I am able to look back, in retrospect, at the amazing families who adopted me into their homes and villages.

Life With A Family

4 thoughts on “Living With A Family: India

  1. What a fascinating opportunity!
    You mention the sleeping arrangements of the family you stayed with. I remember reading about a “game” some researchers played with Indian parents and also with American parents to highlight the different social norms (the book was “Why do Men Barbecue?”). Given a certain number of bedrooms in a house and a certain hypothetical family structure, who should sleep in which room? The Indian parents and American parents came up with different arrangements, and each set felt uncomfortable with the choices of the other. Very different social norms.

    • That’s pretty funny! I could totally see it. I’m pretty sure no matter how many extra rooms a house may have, you will still find the mother and all the daughters sleepin in one! I stayed with one family where they had multiple extra rooms, but still the gramma, mom, and two kids all slept in one!! Very different from my own culture where we sleep alone from age two or three on.

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