Why Twenty is Not the New Thirty

“If you’re thinking about doing something, ask yourself what you would do if you weren’t afraid and then do it.”

Generation Y. We represent a generation of technology, of arrogance, of progress. We were brought up to believe that we are special, that each one of us has the power to change the world. We are the generation who has graduated from school, thousands of dollars in debt, only to find unemployment. Now in our twenties and early thirties we are facing the facts about who we are truly becoming.

People settle down later, get married later, start a family later. “Your twenties hardly matter,” they tell us, you can do all of that in your thirties. But your dream job won’t suddenly appear once you hit thirty, nor will you magically learn the give and take of a successful relationship overnight. Your twenties are the time to lay down the foundation for your career, for a family, and for who you want to become. And by saying that twenty is the new thirty, you are robbing a generation of its most crucial decade.

Our brain rewires itself one last time in our twenties. It’s our last chance to, in a sense, rewire ourselves into the person we will be for the rest of our lives. Our twenties are a time to grow and explore, to foster new friendships and relationships, and to create ourselves. It’s a time to take that dream internship, to apply for that unlikely job, and to start pursing our passions so that they have time to turn into something substantial. It’s a time to travel, to explore new ideas, and to stand for what we believe. And it’s time to start now, because success, in a marriage, career, or passion, takes time.

During our twenties we create habits that will last the rest of our lives. We create opportunities that will turn into careers. We foster relationships that will turn into marriages. We think of ideas which will transform our world. Your twenties are your most influence decade so don’t let them disappear, wasted, before your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Why Twenty is Not the New Thirty

  1. I admire your enthusiasm, however you are not correct in your statement here, you are not the first generation to have gone what you have gone through nor will you be the last.
    Who is telling you that twenty is the new thirty and robbing you of a decade that really is no more crucial than any other.
    I am 47 and my life has been a constant change and my brain has rewired many times and is growing through another rewiring right now. Your 20’s are far from your last chance to change and add to who you are, (one last rewiring of your brain). You are just beginning and hopefully will change many times also.
    We create habits all through our lives, some will stay with us others will fall by the wayside as they become redundant to our needs, as we ourselves grow and change continually. Careers come and go as do relationships, some will last while others will not. Some friends who you think will be there always, will not. Children are born and children die and you may start over more than once in love and career. There are no absolutes, no-thing is fixed
    Your statement is limiting to yourself and you seem to intelligent to stagnate with that mindset, do not limit yourself with ideals, which in truth are illusion. Or do, the choice is yours.

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