Through Heaven and Hell: India

‘One of the greatest tragedies in mankind’s entire history may be that morality was hijacked by religion.’


Through Heaven and Hell recounts my scariest moment, when I was followed and stopped by multiple Indian men who had less than chivalrous intentions when they trapped me. Thankfully a lovely Sikh grandpa came to my rescue and was able to keep me safe for the night.

Through Heaven and Hell

4 thoughts on “Through Heaven and Hell: India

  1. Shirine,

    I recently (about a month ago) read about you on a website dedicated to adventures. I was deeply moved by your story, your thoughts, and the bravery with which you’re leading the kind of life you want. I was tremendously inspired. I was almost moved to tears. I couldn’t believe the confidence and trust you have in yourself and in the fact that it will all be okay; in that it will be a beautiful adventure. You cracked the narrow-mindedness that we are conditioned into by virtue of being raised by the limited ideas around us, and I began to see that anything was possible. I could do anything I wanted to do with my life.

    Shirine, thank you. I have had one big bike adventure in the past. You have inspired me to take up another, much longer one. If you want to know about it, drop me an email.
    Hey, I like the quote you used at the top of this post.

    Hope you had some wonderful experiences today.

    • Thank you so much! Is email brough me chills and made my day. I am so happy to share my views on the world with others, and being called an inspiration is the most powerful compliment! Thank you.

  2. It’s true that there are many bad people out there that makes our small world seem like hell. But we also often forget the fact that good people far outnumber the bad.

    I’m just glad you found sanctuary in time. Things should be better now that you’re traveling with your partner. Stay strong & keep pedaling!

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