Life in the Slum: India

“The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.”


Those damn rats! Their tiny pitter-patter is multiplied into a roaring thunder, at least to my sleep deprived brain, as they scurry to and fro on the tin metal roof above my head.They have kept me awake all night, though I silently acknowledge that they aren’t the only reason I can’t sleep. There is also a passed-out drunk Indian lady curled up half-on half-off the blanket we are using as a bed, and someone is rattling the scrap piece of metal that doubles as a door to the shack next to mine.

I am sleeping in an Indian slum, one of the last places in India you would expect to find a young Western girl who is traveling solo.

Life in the Slum

2 thoughts on “Life in the Slum: India

  1. Hey, love the blog and what you’re doing! We’re also cycling, from the UK east to Melbourne. We’re currently on a detour through South Korea and Japan before heading to Vietnam.

    What was the name of the couple you met who’d been cycling for 7.5 years? You should both join the Long Distance Cycling Database. It’s something I curate and records single bike journeys over 10,000km:

    Good luck with the rest of the trip and your 20s!

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