Shackles, Incense, and Dancing

“She loved life and it loved her right back.”

Arranged marriages are a strange and unknown affair for most of us westerners, and though we often think of them as a negative thing, most people here in India don’t. There are of course problems, abuse and marriage for money, but there are many issues in our “love marriages” as well. Usually the father of a young girl wants to find a suitable husband for their daughter, so they try and arrange their marriage with someone with whom a union will be successful. As most Indians say “marriage first, love after.”

“She has finally arrived.

Beautifully adorned with a sparkling gold and red sari and an elaborate head piece, the bride is being pulled in by a cord which makes her look like a prisoner. Her head is down, and her heavily made-up eyes are puffy from crying – weddings are a scary affair for an Indian bride.”

An Indian Wedding

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