A Stormy Indian Night

“Adventure: the pursuite of life.”


This story, about a stormy night in the Himalayas, was recently published on the “solo female traveler” blog I have been working with. Click on the link to read the full story!

“…As I slowly pick myself up and begin to proceed on my way, I realize that I’m shaking. I’m absolutely freezing. Night is quickly approaching, and with it, my need for food and shelter is growing stronger. But the sign says only two more kilometers so I push on, there is no way I’m setting up my tent in this wet and cold mess. I finally see a building ahead and all I can think about is a nice warm meal and my cozy sleeping bag. I’ll finally be able to feel my toes again! But as I approach I realize that something is off, these aren’t small stone dhabas like I’m use to seeing, but rather a large abandoned government building. This is definitely not what I had in mind….”

1 thought on “A Stormy Indian Night

  1. Sometimes it is hard to judge people’s intentions. I am glad you chose correctly with regards to the guy in the abandoned building.

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