Date Nights on a Budget

“Sometimes I think a soulmate is the person who can make you the most “you” that you could possibly be.”


Though Hollywood has done an awfully good job showing us what a date should look like – dinner at an overpriced restaurant followed by an expensive dessert – Kevin and I have taken a much different approach. The point of a date is not to impress the other person, as Hollywood may want you to believe, but rather to spend time with them, so turn off your computer, leave your phone at home, and find something you both enjoy doing together.

The other night Kevin and I cooked spaghetti and meat sauce together before heading out on a walk once the sun had set. We ended up at a large concert hall where a group was performing for the night, and since we didn’t have a ticket to go inside, we spent about an hour right outside of the hall dancing together as if no one was watching, because thankfully, nobody was. We finished up the evening by eating a twenty-five cent ice cream before curling up on the couch to watch a movie on YouTube. Price? About three dollars each. Amount of laughter? A whole hell of a lot.

A fishing trip, a picnic in the park, or even a night of popcorn and movies right on your own couch can count as a date as well if that’s what you want to do together. Or, if you are anything like us, a night of silly dancing outside of a performance may just do the trick. Since Kevin and I spend 24/7 together, it’s important for us to sometimes have evenings such as this one to change things up a bit, and as we have proven, a night out doesn’t have to burn a whole in your wallet either.


7 thoughts on “Date Nights on a Budget

  1. I’m currently traveling away from my partner. I don’t want a fancy date when I get home. I just want a night at his house with steak and mushroom sauce sitting on the couch together laughing at some B grade telemovie with him. Here’s to cheap but perfect dates 🙂

  2. I really Love reading about the daily events in the lives of Shirine and Kevin! It is always one of the best reads of the day for me. Please keep it up, Shirine! I really like your blog a lot! (y)

  3. Love this post! I’m currently backpacking long-term with my partner through Asia and funnily enough this morning while having breakfast at a cafe we were talking about how when we are home going out for a meal together is so special, but because now we are together 24/7 and eating out for nearly every meal, eating out together has lost its magic. Probably because we are usually connected to the wifi at restaurants and both absorbed in our own little digital worlds instead of each others company! The moments I love the most are when we are disconnected from technology and enjoying a glistening sunset (cost $free!). We will be making an effort to spend more quality time together more often, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. My love and I we do it often : we have dates !
    Indeed, no restaurants, phones or tablets, not even a movie, just him and me and something to drink (whiskey, wine or lemonade, whatever) but 100 % together … Works perfectly well for our couple. We talk, kiss, love and we are perfectly happy being a couple.
    Wish you the best kiddos !

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