2015 In Pictures: A Year of Highs and Lows From Patgonia to Oregon

A bike packed full of food, some mountains, and a boy equals one happy girl! Torres del Paines, 2015.

A bike packed full of food, some mountains, and a boy equals one happy girl! Torres del Paines, 2015.

This last year will be remembered by Kevin and I as a year of high highs – from cycling through Patagonia with friends to pushing our bikes up and down rough roads in the Andes – but also, one of incredibly low lows – like when ending our trip early became a reality and I cried for nights on end. 2015 was the year of South America, and all of the wonderful adventures it held, but also, 2015 was the year we began to adjust our thinking from what’s most fun in the moment, to how to accomplish long term goals. It’s been a divided year; a year in which we spent the first six months living in a tent, and the latter half living in an apartment. A year where we had complete freedom for part, and jobs, appointements, and commitments for the rest. A year where we lived in nature, and then a year where we were stuck indoors. This last year has also been the year we lived near family, the year Kevin and I solidified our relationship both on and off the bike, and the year we began to figure out where we want to be in the future. It’s been a year of transitions, and it hasn’t always been pretty, but looking back, it’s also been a hell of a lot of fun.

We began 2015 in Turkey, before quickly making our way down to Ushuaia where we began the South American part of our trip. We spent six months cycling from Ushuaia to Peru, before taking a last minute flight back home where we surprised our families, and started a (temporary) life for ourselves in Astoria, OR. So here it is, our year of adventures from cycling the Andes to canoeing in our own backyard.

2016 will also be a year of adjustment for us; we will be moving again (and are both very excited about this), and with that, we will both be changing jobs as well (plus, I will be going back to school). We are both excited by what this near year will bring, and anxious to start planning our next adventure (spoiler alert, we are in the beginning phases of planning our next three month bike trip). But until then, we are both commited to making more microadventures happen in our attempt to explore our beautiful state. Here is to what 2015 gave us, and to the new year to come.

10 thoughts on “2015 In Pictures: A Year of Highs and Lows From Patgonia to Oregon

  1. Pour 2016, je te souhaite de trouver ta voie, d’entreprendre chaque journée avec enthousiasme et passion! De continuer de partager avec amour et ouverture les sentiments qui t’habitent! Je te souhaite d’être heureuse dans tout ce que tu entreprendras!
    Amitiés, Pierre

  2. Wishing both of you all the hapiness your 2 beautiful hearts can bare ! Thank you so much for sharing all this with us, love ya guys …

  3. superb!
    We’re a kiwi family about to start our 2016 cycling odyssey in Morocco, on tandems.
    Inspirational stuff, well done.

    The Monks

  4. Best of luck with the new adventures in 2016!! As individuals and partners, we continuously change, grow and evolve- at different speeds and moments in our life, but it is a forever evolution. You guys are on a beautiful journey and connected to the core of how you both want to live your lives in a joyful way, I think that ultimately as all that matters!! Will be thinking of your Patagonia bike ride as we head down there next week to buy our horses and spend the next 2 1/12 months riding back home to Pucon 🙂 Adventures are always waiting for us, whenever we may need to call on them! Beauty and bliss to you both in 2016

  5. Happy New Year! We wish you both an amazing 2016. Hang in there, be patient and live in the moment while you are young. You have plenty of time to settle down. Your lives have just begun.
    Karen and Carl (warmshowers Long Beach) 🙂

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