12 Days of Hiking and Cycling Through Patagonia: Planning For an Expedition

“And then I realized, adventure was the best way to learn.”


Though it’s often difficult to combine other hobbies with cycle touring, the four of us (Kevin and I plus our current Oregonian travel partners Mike and Emily) all carry backpacks on our bikes in order to trek throughout whatever mountainous regions we happen to pass through, and since we are currently in Patagonia, our first trekking stop was set to be the extremely famous and popular region of Torres del Paines. As we hadn’t done much research beforehand – in fact our “research” mostly consisted of looking at a map in order to estimate kilometers and therefore days of food – we set out with twelve days of food which we figured would give us five or six days of cycling and six or seven days of trekking before we needed to find a way out of the park and to the closest store.

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