The Black Market: The Crash of the Peso and the Rise of The Dolàr Blue

“And don’t let the feeble excuse of work keep you back. Remember the Haitian proverb: if work is such a good thing, how come the rich haven’t grabbed it all for themselves?”

Did you know that Argentina has a parallel black market for their peso, a market you really must take advantage of unless you want everything to be astronomically expensive? Nope? Well neither did we until we arrived. We pulled out money from the ATM once we arrived in Argentina only to discover that after a hefty fee it would only allow us to take out 120$ at a time, a dilemma which turned out to be a blessing in disguise since, as it turns out, we lost fifty percent of that transaction (that’s 60$!) as it was. This is because there are two exchange rates in Argentina, the “official one” – which our ATM withdrawal gave us – and the “unofficial one,” the one you need to bring in U.S. dollars to take advantage of.

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