Bringing Cycle Tourists Home


We finally got to host our first cycle tourists this weekend! On Sunday around six pm I looked out my window and saw two fully loaded cycle tourists down a few blocks just off the main road. Though I felt like a bit of a creep, I kept checking back every few minutes to see if they were still there and after my tenth or so time sneaking a look I decided to grab my shoes and go meet them. After sprinting down a small path through someone’s backyard I ran across the street before calmly walking over to them with ever intention of politely introducing myself. Instead, all in one fast sentence, I said “hello I cycle tour too, do you need a meal and a place to stay cause I just cooked a lot of food and you should really come stay with me I live right up there I could see you from my window and you are our first cycle tourists to come over and we really want you to stay the night.” It turned out that they were indeed looking for a place to stay so we all started to make our way back to our house, as I was practically bouncing up and down with excitement that finally, after so many years of being invited into other people’s homes, we were the ones taking strangers home to ours.

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