The Hardest Transition

“Sometimes I think a soulmate is the person who can make you the most “you” that you could possibly be.”


Though I have already written about “Travel Alone VS Travel As Two,” a recent email conversation with a fellow bike tourer sparked me to go a little more in depth about this subject. My friend, a fellow bike tourer who decided to continue his journey with a special girl after cycling around the world for over three years alone, wrote this about his experiences which I thought I would share because I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Learning To Compromise

“I think we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy, and you’re set. Promise.”

“Shirine, I think it’s best we head back down.”

WHAT, my mind screamed, we had only just begun the mountainous part of the trek, and were suppose to spend the next two weeks enjoying the Himalayas away from any civilization. Not only that, but we had a goal: to make it to base camp and see how life is there for the many climbers we had been encountering. We were carrying food and fuel for the top, and not making it has never been an option in my mind. This is my one and only shot at trekking in Nepal, and I have waited six months in the country just for this. I was anything but ready to call it quits and go back down.

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