Life In The Smokey Mud Hut

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”


Their house is filled with smoke, and without electricity, the natural light seeping in from the open door gives the mud hut a homey feel. A couple and their two children I met in a field in Far Western Nepal have brought me back to their small humble abode, a one room mud house with a few blankets on the floor in one corner, and a pile of wood for the fire in the other. The ceiling is covered with hanging corn, drying to be made into flour, and besides that, there is hardly anything else in the house. They have three or four cows outside and fields surrounding them where they grow crops, they are self sufficient farmers living off of the land. Their small village is composed of a dozen or so houses spread out near the top of one of the rolling foothills in the Himalayas.

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