In A Day: The Nepali Valley

“There are dreamers and there are doers, but what the world needs are dreamers that do.”

Everyday is different. Sometimes I cycle all day, while other days I will only do a few hours in order to spend the rest of the day doing something else. And somedays, I don’t cycle at all. Weather also plays a large role. If it is hot for instance, I do most of my kilometers in the morning, whereas in the mountains it is hard to get motivated at six when it is still below freezing out. That being said, everyday is pretty similar in many ways too, so I have decided to show you what a “typical” day of cycling looks like for me in the Nepali valley.

-5h30(ish): Wake up. I am sometimes up even earlier too, which seems ridiculously early until you look at what time I go to bed. I eat a few bananas (which I have bought the night before), then pack up and go. If I am in my tent this process will take an hour and a half or so, otherwise it still somehow takes me at least an hour to get out the door.

-6h30-7h00 (ish): Time to cycle. I try and do at least ten or twenty kilometers before stopping for breakfast, at which point I often grab a few samosas and “subjee” (vegetables in English, normally for breakfast it’s chickpeas in a sort of soup), as well as a chai, from a small local stand at the side of the road. Other times I eat fried potatoes mixed with cilantro, onions, and chilies. Amazingly enough, all that never costs me more than 30-50 cents.

-After breakfast: I try and do a good chunk of my kilometers before noon. I normally stop a few times for snacks — five or six oranges, a few bananas, and a chocolate bar or pack of cookies — or just to rest my hands, but for the most part I am just cycling.

-12h00-13h00: Usually by this time I am pretty hungry so I stop off somewhere to eat, almost always rice, dal, and veggies. I normally take at least an hour to just sit around too.

-Afternoon: Often times I finish cycling between noon and two. If I do keep cycling, I am not normally too productive, so after lunch I have my eyes open for a nice camping spot or hotel. I then shower (if there is a river or if I am staying in a hotel), do some laundry, eat, and relax.

-18h00: By six it is pitch dark, so I am either in my tent or my room. I then upload any photos I have taken that day to my iPad, and write a bit for my blog. I also mark on my gps where I am staying so later the map will show my exact trail.

-19h00: By seven I am ready for bed! So, between seven and eight my ear plugs are in and I am fast asleep.

6 thoughts on “In A Day: The Nepali Valley

  1. I love living vicariously through you, as I continue eating my way through the feasts between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What a friggin’ badass. Seriously, my one concern is how you’ve managed thus far without pesto…

  2. Dearest Shirine! There is certainly nothing typical about your typical day! Thank you soo much for taking the time to share your adventures with us arm chair travellers! Love seeing your posts in my inbox!! Hugs!

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