Date A Girl Who Travels

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed, maybe they’re supposed to run wild until they find someone, just as wild, to run with.”

Date a girl who knows that time is more important than money, that experiences are more precious than things. Date a girl who knows the difference between a tourist and a traveler, and always choses to be the latter. Date a girl who reads instead of watches TV, who spends the night writing in a journal instead of texting. Date a girl who realizes that age is just a number, that simplicity is the key to happiness, and that life is meant to be enjoyed. Date a girl who buys the one way, not round-trip ticket, as she knows her travels are bound to last years, not weeks, passing through continents, not just cities. Date a girl who travels, a girl who sees the world as her playground and her life as an adventure.

She won’t know what to answer when you ask her where home is because home for her changes on a weekly basis. She will wear the same few clothes everyday, she knows that traveling light is important, but she will walk with such confidence that you will quickly overlook the trekking pants and merino wool t-shirt. She will be well spoken and articulate. She will know that education is more important than school, and will spend her rest days listening to science podcasts and reading non-fiction. She will be adamant that it’s our passions, not our fancy cars or careers, that define who we are. And you will be amazed just how many passions one girl can have.

She will speak three or four languages fluently, and know a handful of words from a dozen others. She will sit on the floor, rather than the couch, because she has spent too much time in Asia. She may even convince you to eat rice with your hands like she use to in India. She will appreciate the things we have – running water, working electricity, a hot shower – and will never complain about hardships or misfortunes as she has seen people struggle and strive in the harshest of places. She will be more interested in Mongolia and Tasmania than the latest fashion, and her bucket list will grow rather than shrink with each passing year. No mattered how much she has traveled, how much she has seen, her unquenchable thirst for more continues.

If you get the chance to date her, take her sky diving, skiing, or to an unexplored cave. A simple night at a restaurant won’t make an impression given the life she has been living. Unless you take her to a small local restaurant in Bolivia, the kind of place tourists never go. Then she will be impressed. And once you fall in love with her, remember this. Don’t pin her down, don’t even try, because a girl like this will always chose travel over love when forced to pick. So take off with her. Let her show you the extravagant world we live in. Let her show you the kindness, lifestyles, mountains, and animals our diverse planet has to offer. Soak it in and enjoy, because as you fall in love with her, you will fall in love with the world. You will realize that once you begin to see life as she does, there is no going back.

She will be independent, fiercely independent, but willing to be your partner all the same. She will know a thing or two about goodbyes, having lived a lifetimes worth already, yet she will still give herself over to you without fear. You will get lost together, and you will realize that getting lost with her couldn’t be any more wonderful. You will cycle through the Himalayas, climb your way through the Andes, and work in Australia. You too will realize that home is not a place, but rather a feeling, and together, you will make your home around the globe. You will participate in rituals you had never preciously dreamed of. You will explore countries you never even knew existed. You will learn that happiness comes from within, and you will realize that now you are the happiest you have ever been. You will meet inspiring people, and maybe even inspire a few others along the way.

Date a girl who travels. A girl who wants to open your eyes to a whole new world. A girl who sees adventure in the mundane and happiness in simplicity. A girl who is ready for life, ready in a way most people only dream about. Date a girl who travels, I promise you will never regret it.

*Inspired by Date A Girl Who Reads

11 thoughts on “Date A Girl Who Travels

  1. Wow.. Is there a guy that can take that on, cause you pretty much described me? Right down to science pod casts and non fiction, journal writing and not knowing where home is because it changes (apart from the four languages – haha – I am currently learning Spanish.. and know a few words in Italian). I find most guys are intimidated by a passionate woman.. they fall in love very quickly but want to tame me, and get frustrated when they cant. I really loved your post. Thank you 🙂

  2. As graduation gifts, I like to give travel-related things and a personal note encouraging the value of traveling. One year, I even gave a friend a passport application, a check to cover the application fee, and a gift card to CVS for the specific amount needed to get his passport picture taken. Sadly, I have not known of him using any of it yet. 😦

  3. From a (very old) guy who several decades ago found a woman to date just like the one you describe: Not only have I never experienced a single pang of regret that she was who she was, it is impossible to imagine her any other way. I feel lucky every day that I was lucky enough to find her, and that we’ve agreed to be an ongoing part of each other’s journey.
    I have no doubt that there are many young men out there today who are hoping to find that gem, the traveling girl.

  4. Hey there!
    Sorry I couldn’t help but writing to you. I wrote on facebook as well but apparently messages from people youre not befriended with don’t go to the regular inbox.. 😉
    Sounds like amazing traveling that you’re doing, keep that spirit up, its great and for sure it’s inspiring to some. Im a german guy and I’m traveling a lot as well. After three years on the road I settled down in Germany again to study. But itchy feet get my every now and then, so I just did a trip of a little less then a year, which I spent working in Switzerland, cycling to Istanbul through some of eastern europe and backpacking around Israel and Palestine. I traveled six month with a friend, it was soo amazing. We spent a lot of time cycling and hiking together.. And that’s the reason I wrote to you… Unlike me, she’s totally determined to cycle around the world. So while im in Germany at the moment, shes back in Turkey and probably heading east soon to Georgia, Armenia and further to Kazakhstan on her bicycle.
    Reading your blog just soo reminds me of her, If you’d put her pictures I would thing its her blog =) And she also has red long hair by the way. I’d think It would be great fun for the two of you to meet at some point.. She’s not on facebook but if you let me know I’ll give you her email or the other way round.. Enjoy and have fun, Joachim

    • Hello! You are right about the Facebook messages but I’ll go look at it, and I would love to meet up with Hera! I just arrived in Georgia today and will be spending the next two months or so here and in Armenia before heading to turkey. Nice to hear there are other crazy girls out there 🙂 feel free to give her my email, and thanks for writing!

      • hey nice! but its just the same message on facebook anyway. I will let her know, but I think I dont have your email address. So i’ll send her the address of this blog, or you let me know your email on facebook or something. Enjoy and hope you guys have a good time. Safe travels!

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