Living A Double Life

“The journey itself is my home.”

It has been nearly two months since I have cycled, and it will be a few more until I start again. I say I am cycling around the world, but that simplistic answer really doesn’t capture my current lifestyle as the cycling only accounts for a a small part. I am also living, and living takes time.

I spent a month in Pokhara, a very touristy town in central Nepal, just hanging out. Why, you may ask, did I come halfway around the world to sit in a tourist town and do nothing but eat and talk to other travelers? If travel has taught me one thing, it is the importance of living in the moment. It is important to slow down in order to enjoy the mundane things in life. I don’t constantly need to be exploring a new village or climbing a new peak to feel fulfilled, often the happiest moments come from just… living. And happiness is what I am going for in my life. Plus, a large reason I travel is to meet other travelers, and tourist hubs such as Pokhara are great for that.

From there I spent two weeks doing Vipassana, an intensive Buddhist meditation course, before heading out with a new found friend (from the course) for two weeks of touristy travel. I threw my bike on the bus and together we visited Lumbini, Buddhas birthplace, before arriving at an orphanage in Kathmandu. We had a lot of fun talking and laughing together, and it was great to travel with someone for a change. I also realized (by taking the bus) how much I appreciate the freedom my bike gives me. Bus travel just isn’t for me.

And suddenly, two months later, I find myself staring at my bike slightly longingly as I had not intended to take so much time off. But cycling is not the point, I have the rest of my life to accumulate kilometers, and right now, I am happier living and volunteering at the Hopeful Home orphanage than I could be anywhere else.

4 thoughts on “Living A Double Life

  1. Enjoy the time off the bike its not a race!

    I’m in the same position. I’ve spent almost 2 months off the bike. I’m now in Usuhaia ready to start my ride north.

    When the time is right you will be ready to turn the pedals once again.

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