Hopeful Home: The Girls

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


It is hard to believe I have already been here at Hopeful Home for almost a month. I have fallen into an easy routine: I help the children, notably the three girls in grade four, with homework in the morning and evening, and do my own thing for the afternoon while they are at school. My crew has become the girls (six of them) and the two youngest boys as the rest of them are self sufficient young teenagers and can do their homework on their own. I have spent many evenings after dinner in the girl’s room, laughing, dancing, and singing, as well as letting them look through photos I have taken. Like girls everywhere, they love to dress up and have their picture taken, and as they don’t have many of themselves, I have promises to print some out and give them as gifts once I leave.

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It’s Moments Like These

“When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead.”


There are teens and adults behind me playing a fast moving game of football, there are children in front of me playing badminton, and beside me, there is a very sweet fourth grader serenading me with Nepali and English songs in her beautiful voice. It is one of those surreal moments where time stops because you realize that everything is perfect. The sun is beating down on the field, the children are laughing and playing, and a small girl is holding hands your hand while singing to you.

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Living A Double Life

“The journey itself is my home.”

It has been nearly two months since I have cycled, and it will be a few more until I start again. I say I am cycling around the world, but that simplistic answer really doesn’t capture my current lifestyle as the cycling only accounts for a a small part. I am also living, and living takes time.

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