Working Abroad, Nepali Style

“Sometimes, those who wander really are lost.”

As I talked about in my last post, many Nepalis want to leave in order to make more money abroad. A large percentage of these workers go to Malaysia, Qatar, and Dubai, where many of them work long hours in boring and mindless jobs, often in dangerous situations.

Here are a few examples of people I have met:

A principle of a school I visited here spent five years in USA, Texas more precisely, before quickly returning home after having a gun to his head. He spent those five years scared for his life, working an incredibly amount of hours in a small corner store caught between locals gangs. He says the only reason he is alive is because he had been nice to those so had put the gun to his head during a robbery, previously giving them cigarets or a free beer when they demanded it. Needless to say, he doesn’t plan to return back to the USA anytime soon, and has re-found his love for Nepal.

At Hopeful Home, the children’s home I spent a month at, the cooks husband had preciously spent multiple years working as a security guard at an airport in Malaysia. He hated it, saying it was boring work in a country he knew no one. He has no plans to ever leave Nepal again, he too has discovered his love for Nepal.

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