Working Abroad, Nepali Style

“Sometimes, those who wander really are lost.”

As I talked about in my last post, many Nepalis want to leave in order to make more money abroad. A large percentage of these workers go to Malaysia, Qatar, and Dubai, where many of them work long hours in boring and mindless jobs, often in dangerous situations.

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Tailor Made

“You can make money, you can acquire objects, but the time you are allotted can never be replaced or purchased.”


I have never been into clothes. My favorite place to shop back home is Goodwill which probably shows you that I rarely spend more than ten dollars in a “shopping spree.” Here though I can afford to get clothes tailor made! Nepalis and Indian girls alike wear “suits” which are composed of three parts: the shirt, which is like a dress with slits down the side, pants, and a scarf, all of which match perfectly and look feminine and stylish while remaining comfortable. I was given two of these outfits in India (by a family I stayed with) which have proven to be an absolute blessing as they make me stand out a bit less and the locals love when I wear them. I have decided to get a new dress (no slits, but basically Nepali style) and pants made, and here is how it works.

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The Truth Behind The Mask

“Cheese… milk’s leap toward immortality.”


I have often seen Asians wearing face masks such as this one and have always assumed they wore them for protection against disease. I have finally realized that the reason they wear them is to protect their lungs against the pollution and dust that unpaved roads and large cities unfortunately host. It seems like all construction or road workers wear a mask, and many motorcyclists and pedestrians either have a mask or a scarf pulled over their mouth or nose. After spending some time in big polluted cities (such as this one), and cycling on dusty unpaved roads, I completely understand the necessity of a funny looking face mask. Just blowing your nose, and finding your snot completely black, should be more than enough proof that the air here is indeed dirty.

What I Appreciate About The USA

“Live, adventure, bless, travel and don’t be sorry.”

Everytime I leave Oregon I learn to appreciate it more. Where else can you ski, cycle, fish, sail, and run all in the same day? It is a beautiful state with wonderful people, and through my travels I have grown proud to call it home. Here is a list of things I appreciate about Oregon and the USA in general.

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Holidays On the Road

“Home is the here and now.”


For some travelers the holiday season is tough, it is hard to see your whole family together while you are halfway across the world unable to partake in the card games or eat excessive amounts of sweets made by your gramma. Others enjoy spending Christmas in exotic locations, for instance, on the beach hanging out in the waves instead of in the snow, and don’t seem to mind being away from home too much. Though I would have loved to fly back to Canada just for the week, at least I got to Skype with my grandparents and cousins which definitely helps to bridge the gap that distance brings.

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