Tailor Made

“You can make money, you can acquire objects, but the time you are allotted can never be replaced or purchased.”


I have never been into clothes. My favorite place to shop back home is Goodwill which probably shows you that I rarely spend more than ten dollars in a “shopping spree.” Here though I can afford to get clothes tailor made! Nepalis and Indian girls alike wear “suits” which are composed of three parts: the shirt, which is like a dress with slits down the side, pants, and a scarf, all of which match perfectly and look feminine and stylish while remaining comfortable. I was given two of these outfits in India (by a family I stayed with) which have proven to be an absolute blessing as they make me stand out a bit less and the locals love when I wear them. I have decided to get a new dress (no slits, but basically Nepali style) and pants made, and here is how it works.

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