Cycling Through Kashmir

“Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, it all sort of falls into place.”

Mountains make for great camping, and great camping makes for one happy girl. The last few months have not gone as planned. First I had to leave the high altitude mountain trek I was so excited about, and then, because Kevin was still sick, we basically spent the last two months in a room, in hot and humid cities, with obnoxious men, constant noise, and absolutely nothing to enjoy. But now, life is back to being perfect because I’m finally back in the mountains.





The first two days of the Kashmir valley were populated with small villages and rolling lush hills with snowy white peaks in the distance. As we slowly gained elevation, the villages became more sparse and the air became cooler and cleaner. And the scenery, well, it just kept getting more and more beautiful.




Because the region is heavily disputed, we passed many war memorials for soldiers who have died in the conflict between India and Pakistan, as well as thousands of army trucks and soldiers. It was shocking just how heavily militarized the area was, and we often had bored soldiers hanging around for hours at our camp just because they had nothing better to do.

Kevin was happy since he finally got to fish. Though they were small, he did catch a few!



11 thoughts on “Cycling Through Kashmir

  1. This is glorious. Thank you so much for sharing to a middle aged mother who remembers you in Kindermusic with my daughters, Mara Finkelstein and Lauren Finkelstein. Your adventure and writing are a gift to me and many others. Blessings.

  2. Hi Shirine and Kevin. Amazing as usual! I guess you camped right were we did before (after?) the crazy pass between Kashmir and the actual mountains… The road to go up there is absolutely incredible, hope you enjoy it! Lot of fun, road is yors

    leo and Jean Da

  3. I’m happy for you both that you are on the mountain roads. Looks spectacular. Savor and enjoy!!
    Karen – Long Beach Warmshowers Host

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