Green Furry Hills and the Forgotten Highway: NZ Honeymoon

After two rainy days at a campsite with a lovely cycling couple from the UK (who are also on their honeymoon!) we spent two days along the “forgotten highway,” a quiet road which ceased to be a main road years ago and is now one of the most popular cycling routes in the country. The route went up and down these small furry hills and passed through a small republic which has “claimed” independence, before ending on the coast.

 We spent a night in a cabin which had a wonderful view!

We arrived in New Plymouth just ahead of a storm and were lucky enough to stay with a warmshowers couple in town who cooked us a delicious dinner and let us escape the rain and wind by sleeping in a beautiful room. We then set off around the mountain, and then down the coast until we made it to Wellington!


2 thoughts on “Green Furry Hills and the Forgotten Highway: NZ Honeymoon

  1. You two are insanely cute.
    I’m loving the images, NZ is my next big trip with my wife. A few years for us to save up and then we are off.

    Keep loving life…..

    Les. 🙂

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