A Disaster of Dinner and Dishes

“I’m old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway.”


It’s 22h36 and I just got off my sixteen hour shift at the hostel we have been working at this past week for free room and food. I started at 7h00 sharp by serving breakfast to over forty tourists before cleaning (dishes, sweeping, etc…) and preparing dinner with the wonderful but way overworked cook. Then, at seven, we served food to the tourists once again before, doing more dishes than I ever thought possible. Though we have worked at quite a few hostels here in Georgia already, this one was very different because it had a kitchen, and therefore, way more work that needed to be done.

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Making Bread the Georgian Way

“If you wait for tomorrow to follow your dreams, by the time that you get there they’re gone.”


One of the most fascinating things I have seen in Georgia is really quite simple – bread making – and I think the reason I find it so great is simply because I would never would have imagined that this is how the delicious bread I eat everyday is made.

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