Tips for Budget Backpacking

“If not now, when?”

So you all know that traveling by bike can be cheap – you live out of your tent, you cook on your stove, and you rely on yourself for transportation – but it’s also possible to backpack and bus for reasonably cheap as well. In Turkey you can expect to pay 10$-15$ dollars a night (each) for a room, 2$-6$ a meal if you eat out at local places (and only a dollar or so if you cook yourself), and 6$ for a three hour train ride, or 20$ for a five hour bus ride. We each expect to spend about 600$ for this month of travel and sightseeing and though it’s more more than the 200$/month we spent as we were cycling across the country, it’s still a lot lower than many people realize is possible. Here are a few general tips for budget backpacking no matter where you happen to be.

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