An Unconventional Hero: The President of Uruguay

“A poor person is not someone who has little but one who needs infinitely more, and more and more. I don’t live in poverty, I live in simplicity. There’s very little that I need to live.” -José Mujican (president of Uruguay)

I sort of have a new and slightly unconventional hero – the president of Uruguay. José Mujican has become somewhat notorious throughout his presidency as being the “poorest president in the world,” but that’s not the only reason I think he is so great. For starters, the reason he has earned this title is because he has given up 90% of his income to low-income housing organizations so that his salary amounts to that of an average citizen in his country. He doesn’t particularly like this title though, and has many things to say about it such as the quote at the top of the page and these below:

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