We Are Modern Day Nomads: An Ode to the Road

“You live your life and tell me it can’t be done, I’ll live mine and show you it can.” – Kevin Dugan

We wake up at sunrise to the chirping birds and the rushing river.
We pack up camp to become nomads once again.
We cycle through the desert, sweat pouring down, pushing our limits day in and day out.
We laugh, we cry, and we celebrate this thing we call life.

They don’t get why we do it.
We don’t get why they don’t.

We wake up in our makeshift homes, or sometimes, simply in the open air.
We collect our drying clothes from the trees surrounding us.
We cycle through the snow – cold, wet, but exhilarated – forging father into the unknown.
We are receptive to the world around us, unafraid of what lies beyond every bend.

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