We Are Modern Day Nomads: An Ode to the Road

“You live your life and tell me it can’t be done, I’ll live mine and show you it can.” – Kevin Dugan

We wake up at sunrise to the chirping birds and the rushing river.
We pack up camp to become nomads once again.
We cycle through the desert, sweat pouring down, pushing our limits day in and day out.
We laugh, we cry, and we celebrate this thing we call life.

They don’t get why we do it.
We don’t get why they don’t.

We wake up in our makeshift homes, or sometimes, simply in the open air.
We collect our drying clothes from the trees surrounding us.
We cycle through the snow – cold, wet, but exhilarated – forging father into the unknown.
We are receptive to the world around us, unafraid of what lies beyond every bend.

We wake up covered with dew, wet, but content.
We cook breakfast under the rising sun, only vaguely aware that most people cook indoors.
We cycle through landscapes that leave us breathless, pedaling and pushing up the dirt paths which connect our globe.
We live in nature, unsure when our next river bath or waterfall shower will be.

They don’t get why we do it.
We don’t get why they don’t.

We wake up in strangers home’s, surrounded by people who speak a different language.
We are adopted into Indian slums, Georgian towns, and Bolivian cities alike.
We see dances, celebrations, and rituals beyond our wildest dreams.
We learn to judge a country by its wealth of nature and kindness rather than by its collection of material goods.

We wake up in dorm rooms filled with travelers from around the world.
We add more countries to our ever growing bucket list during each and every encounter..
We realize that the most affective way to ignite a change is to live our lives as a demonstration.

They don’t get why we do it.
We don’t get why they don’t.

We don’t have deadlines, or meetings, or appointments.
We don’t even know the day of the week.
We live outdoors, surrounded by nature.
We live on the fringes of society, unafraid of what others may think.
They don’t get why we do it.
We don’t get why they don’t.

We fall in love with people, with places, with cultures, though we know that inevitably we must say goodbye.
We accumulate experiences and renounce most worldly goods since we know that happiness comes from inside.
We learn, grow, and test the boundaries of what others deem impossible, proving that it’s only impossible until you try.

They don’t get why we do it.
We don’t get why they don’t.

We are uninhibited, fearless, ambitious.
We travel, we love, we explore, and we evolve.
We are free, free beyond most peoples wildest imagination.
We are created and educated by a school we call “the road.”

We wake up everyday to a new horizon.
We cycle every month in a new country.
We fall asleep every year on a different continent.
We are modern day nomads, living the life of our dreams.

They don’t get why we do it.
We don’t get why they don’t.

3 thoughts on “We Are Modern Day Nomads: An Ode to the Road

  1. This is from my Easily Distracted Tour of Tasmania


    Today was the day where the flow of travel, the ease of breaking or setting camping all started to come together.
    Often we get friends, relatives, and gobs of strangers asking or remarking how they could never tour by bicycle. Always the big Why is asked? The real answer is actually very simple. This is not a race or a way to travel fast but a pace where the world unfolds gently before you, where you are directly connected to the ever changing landscape with its multitude of smells, sounds and impressions. Your needs are minimal, your impact on the area barely noticeable. The sweat produced climbing a steep hill is rewarded with a cool flow of air on the coast down the other side. Did you stop not once but several times to take in the view as the lake peaked through the small gaps if the trees. Your destination does not lie ahead but surrounds you. You live for the moment and are rewarded with each turn of the pedals.

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