Monkey Business

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”


Like most children, I use to dream of having a monkey for a pet, so the idea of monkeys running around town thrilled me. After coming down from Ladakh where there were none, I was surprised and delighted to see them scampering on rooftops and riffling through the trash. Though I knew India was known for them, I really hadn’t expect them to be as prevalent as squirrels for me back home. I have been caught off guard on many occasions as I opened my door to find a monkey sitting nonchalantly on my patio or steps. I have also been frightened as they hiss at me when I walk by, or when I see a large obviously dominate male in my way on the road.

I love watching them eat. There is an obvious pecking order, and the food tends to cause a lot of fights. They can eat incredibly fast as well, shoveling the food in with both hands.


I could (and do) watch these guys for hours. They are hilarious, playful, and have interesting social dynamics. Though I am starting to adjust to the inordinate amount of cows around every corner, I’m not too sure I’ll ever consider monkeys on the rooftops “normal.”


2 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. Whoa! I can’t imagine being surprised by a monkey at the door! What fun! Once upon a time I aspired to study chimps with Jane Goodall. Primates are fascinating! Thank you!!! Hugs!

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