The Highest Marathon in the World: 3380km

“Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.”


For those of you who think I’m a bit crazy, listen to this. Starting from Leh, the town I have been stuck in while sick, there is a half-marathon, marathon, and even crazier, a 72 km ultra marathon that runs up and down the highest pass (5,600m). Sure, there was part of me that wanted to do it, but besides being sick and untrained, I struggle to comprehend just how these amazing athletes are able to run, any distance, never mind an ultra marathon, at this altitude. It was mostly Indians (especially locals), though there were a few westerners as well. It was great fun watching them finish, and then, true to India, the whole area turned into a giant dance party! I have a few great videos from the dancing, but, I can’t figure out how to upload them (I am not quite as tech savvy as I should be considering I grew up in the “Age of Technology”), so for now, you will just have to settle for a few pictures.

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