The Casa De Cyclista of La Paz


Every “Casa de Cyclista” here in South America is run differently, but they all are wonderful for the very same reason; they provide a meeting place for the multitude of cyclists throughout South America who are all going in different directions to get together and stay with other like-minded two wheel travelers. This one here in La Paz is run by Christian, a Bolivian cycling fan who inherited an large multi-roomed apartment right downtown which he lets up to eight tourers stay in at a time. Unlike the other Casas which are listed on warmshowers and are therefore free, this one charges 20 bolivianos (three dollars) a night which I feel is a good idea because it allows Christian to keep this place running self-sufficiently. It’s for the cyclists, by the cyclists, so it’s up to us to clean, cook, and keep this place running as if it were our own home. Though I feel like this self-run sort of set up could easily become disastrous, in general, cycle tourists tend to be conscientious people who are willing to put in a bit of effort in order to leave the place nicer than when they found it. And as its been running for years now, it seems like this concept is working!

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