Alone Time: 3862km

“If you don’t like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree.”


For the last few days (since my first home stay in Ki), I have been descending down, out of the mountainous region of Spiti, and into Kinnaur valley. Though the oxygen is richer and the descents have been fun, the road is now busy, dusty, and hot, an awful combination. Oftentimes when trucks pass I have to slow down since the dust makes it impossible to see, and difficult to breath. There is absolutely no flat ground (meaning no camping), and the villages are built hundreds of meters up from the road on the cliffs. It’s interesting to see how they are able to live perched in the side of the hill, and even have small farms beside their homes. Though at one point I was a mere 2km away from Tibet, there was no way to enter because of China’s unfortunate control and restrictions over the area.

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