Superstitions and Other Interesting Things

“The open road is a beckoning, a strangeness, a place where a man can lose himself.”

I was in Kot for one of the many festivals that happens during this time of year. It is the festival of women, where the women wear a new suit and bangles, do henna on their hands, and fast for the day in order to ensure a long life for their husband. They fast until the moon comes up, at which time they look through a strainer at their husband and the moon. They then throw rice and water, and eat certain foods such at a bite of coconut, sweets, and a piece of bread to break the fast. I am not sure if they actually believe this will ensure a longer life for their husband, or if they do it purely out of tradition.

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Living the Indian Life

“The most freeing and liberating part of this whole trip is that…I rarely have any place to be other than where I am, which truly lets me live in the moment. Every single moment.”


Here is the house (the green and white one in the bottom right corner) I stayed in while in the village of Kot. Like all the houses in the area, there were no roads up and down the hillside so the only way to reach the house was on a small foot path. Throughout this region there were little clusters of five or six houses that were considered a “village,” though they also identified with the town a few kilometers away.

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